D.C. and Virginia

January 1, 2013 – we started off the year heading to the airport and catching a red-eye flight to Dulles to visit family. The flight over was a challenge, to say it nicely. Adele cried for about half of the 4 1/2 hour flight. And at one point, when David opened Adele’s sippy cup for her to drink – the milk sprayed at full force out onto the person sitting in front of us, on top of his bald head! Oh! But we survived, even when at 3 AM we didn’t think we could. The rest of the trip was awesome. Spending time with family is precious. And seeing the cousins hang out together – it’s like they’ve known each other since day ONE! Here’s a photo of us about to board the red eye flight, we had no idea how crazy the flight would be for us!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a brilliant 2013 for us all! We started ours out a bit rough around the edges…went for a leisure hike in Napa on New Years Day to start the year off right, but we got lost while hiking and took a detour which took us through wet/narrow paths and dangerous cliffs with a baby stroller in tow (ok, maybe it wasn’t THAT scary, but anything remotely “dangerous” is MUCH scarier with a baby in tow)! David plowed through and got Adele safely back to normal terrain, but I have to say – it was a bit stressful and my heart was beating quite fast during this time. Then we took a red-eye flight to visit family in D.C. – and boy oh boy, we will avoid red-eyes as much as we can. David vows we will never fly with a baby again…but hopefully I’ll be able to change his mind…with time. Thankfully, she did well on our flight back which was a daytime flight.

Here’s a photo of Adele at 12 months old. She’s wearing the very same hanbok I wore as a baby. I had to take a department store photo of her in it, because every baby needs a cheesy department store photo, right?


Happy New Year’s Eve! I know this is from almost 2 months ago, but here’s a big load of photos from Adele’s Dohl, November 4, 2012. Still can’t believe she’s one. Our little baby is one! These days, she’s into humming, playing the harmonica, blowing raspberries on my shoulder, and loves dduk gook. We all survived one year together! :)

Back to her party, I had a great time at her party – that doesn’t usually happen when we host parties, because I’m usually running around like a mad woman trying to take care of things…but this one was fun! It definitely helped that it was at a venue, not my own home (no cleaning and no cooking!). We had her party at Brix in Napa for Sunday Brunch. I thought a hot air balloon theme would be fitting since we just moved to Napa Valley this past summer. Our close friends and family came – and well…here are the photos!ImageImageDavid and his bro Paul made the hot air balloon! I loved the way it turned out. Got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day.ImageThe one thing I wanted to make was Adele’s cake. I wanted her first cake experience to be one I made for her. Thus, I made an applesauce cake from The Smitten Kitchen. And the buttercream frosting technique was again from Oh Happy Day.   ImageAdele and Brayden (Kelli & Jon’s son). They originally had the same birthday, but A was born 2 weeks early, and B was born 1 day late! ImageThe kiddos.ImageAdele and Grandpa. Birthdays on the same day.ImageThe Dohljabi. She chose the cello bow!ImageKeeping the hat on her was a tad bit difficult.ImageImageI didn’t realize the candle was such a big sparkler! I actually had to move the cake away from Adele!ImageImageMy mom and dad.ImagePaul, Angie and the boys.ImageMy sis and her family.ImageDavid’s brother and his family came for the weekend and celebrated with us! So good having them with us. The weekend was too short. And Paul, thanks for taking all the photos!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIt was a wonderful year! So full of love. In this new year to come, I wish you all health and happiness! And as for resolutions, I haven’t actually written my resolutions since high school, but maybe writing them out will make me do them? so…

  1. I want to cook new foods – thus I’ll make a new dish at least once a month (want to make good use of the cookbooks I received for christmas!)
  2. so cliche – but I NEED to exercise regularly
  3. PRINT more photos, instead of keeping them in the abyss of my computer
  4. learn how to use my canon properly (take a class, read a book, someone want to teach me?!)
  5. keep in touch more regularly with my friends via phone, text messaging just isn’t enough!


Adele had her first birthday November 4, 2012. She shares her birthday with her Grandpa. I can’t believe she’s ONE! Really? Those days of nursing 8 times a day and pooping 7 times a day….are no longer? Oh man. These days, she is humming to herself, doing some sign language to communicate, walking w/ a baby walker, laughing tons, eating regular food (she’s over the pureed stuff, won’t eat it!), and napping better (at the moment, this can change suddenly). And I have to say, I love this stage. I love it even more than I loved the newborn stage…maybe because I am getting regular sleep and I’m not as freaked out as I was when she was first born? Here are a few pictures of Adele on her first birthday at her party (more pics to come). She loved being inside the basket, she’s so funny. Hot air balloon theme in light of our recent move to Napa Valley!IMG_3527 IMG_3528 IMG_3532

And I’m utterly grateful for Adele – that I can spend my days with her. We’ve spent one year with her, and it’s been the most amazing year of my life (the most tiring too!). My heart is so heavy with sadness for those who lost someone in the terrible tragedy in CT. Our hearts go out to them…


My little sweetheart


My daughter

Me & Adele. She’s a little over 1 years old now. And so much has happened! We have moved to Napa, and are mostly settled in. And we squeezed in a visit to Maui with family before the big move. David is in full swing with his job. I am in somewhat full swing with mine. We are little by little exploring more of northern california and eating our way around the Bay Area. I passed my Anesthesiology Boards. Adele turned ONE. Whew. And lots more. I have a motherload of photos to sort through and post…and before new years….I will get through it? I think! I will! Anyway, Adele has been so much fun. It really does keep getting better and better. More soon..

Happy 1st Father’s Day, David!


From day ONE to now, Adele at 7 months. It’s been an amazing journey with you. Didn’t think we could possibly learn more about each other and find more strengths (& weaknesses), but parenthood certainly has challenged us and made us grow! To my handsome husband, and crazy awesome dad to Adele. We love you!

Although this 1st father’s day you are still in southern california, and Adele & I have made our way to northern california to move in, we will celebrate later this week! Can’t wait to celebrate father’s day in person!

Ivan & Hannah’s Baby Shower



I had the opportunity to help out with Ivan & Hannah’s baby shower, to welcome their baby girl to come, Peyton Kim, in June! The party was at the Saesim’s home. What fun! Always good to see faces I haven’t seen in a while, and old friends I’d like to keep in touch with more! There were a lot of people, but with my hands full (with Addy & desserts), I hardly got any photos of others! This is a sweater my mom (the knitting queen) made for Peyton and a blanket she knit (THE softest blanket in the world). The cute parents-to-be!

Dessert table: chocolate cake, banana/vanilla cupcakes, malt chocolate chip cookies (recipe compliments of one of the best cooks I know, Angie, my sis-in-law), macaroons, russian tea cakes, & sugar cookies.

We ran into Linda, James, & Ollie – and how much Ollie has grown! Ollie is about two months older than Adele. Always a great time seeing the two together.

a rare photo of us three. I really need to take more of us.

mama & adele

was it intentional that David is matching with his daughter?

Adele, 6 1/2 months old.

April Birthdays + Easter


April 8, 2012 – we had a sunday birthday/easter brunch for my close friends at our house (behind our house)…what more can you ask for? Great weather, lots of good food, & wonderful friends.

The birthday gals, Kange & Sarah

These umbrellas were the ones from our wedding! Five years later, still being put to good use, and this time, for SUN!

no birthday is complete without a birthday cake!

the sun was bright! and with this “no sunscreen since baby is still so young” thing – we shielded her in her bassinet while we ate. (addy 22 weeks here) she’s wearing her cousin Kayla’s dress when she was a wee-little-baby!

Christian, aka CJ. Grace & Isaac’s oldest child.

Evan, Soojin & Darron’s son.

We finished off our brunch with a good ‘ole fashioned pinanta…Bieber fever style! And the pinata (compliments of Soojin) was not filled with the traditional candy (that would be against the ethics of a dentist). Instead, it was filled with socks, trail mix, toys, fruit, puzzles, and other fun goodies! hilarious!

aww. Such a great time we had! We also had an easter egg hunt out by the pinata. I’m excited about moving to northern california, but I sure am going to miss things down in socal…


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